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Very good product

It Works

I sleep better when I use magnesium. I massage the bottom of my feet with it and sleep sound! I plan to share it with my sister, who suffers from migraine headaches, and hopefully, it works for her as well.

First time User

I have only used it once. My hair is natural, thin and soft. I applied it after shampooing to my scalp. It was like sting to my scalp and very uncomfortable for a while. I notice the instructions didn't tell you how often you should apply. I haven't used it since.

Hi Kay,

Thank you for your purchase. The scalp tingle is normal. The product contains peppermint and rosemary which will cause the scalp to tingle. This is stimulating your hair follicles. Make sure that when you shampoo the hair that you are not scraping or agitating the scalp. If it is applied to an irritated scalp the tingle could become uncomfortable. I also suggest using it after you condition. You should always apply a conditioner after you shampoo. After the conditioner then apply the Big Hair Food to the scalp.

It is best to start out on wash day (after you condition) on a damp scalp to seal the oils in. Afterwards it is fine to use on a dry scalp. Some customers use the product daily while other only use it on wash day. It is really your preference and it depends on what type of results you are looking for. There is a FAQ section on the website that may also help you with how to use.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with.

Thanks :)

Rachal Prince
Lil Little

Did nothing

Well another product that doesn’t do what it claims. I purchased a second jar to give it a real chance. It did nothing to help me sleep or for my aches. The jar is small and doesn’t last long. Not worth the price. This was an epic fail for me.

It works!! I massage my feet with it before I go to sleep and it helps tremendously!!

It's amazing

I've been having back pain for some time now, and this product has really helped. I can sleep with zero pain. I recommend this to anyone who is having any sleep or anxiety issues. Zen Magnesium is the BEST.

Repeat customer… Love, Love this product for my natural hair journey.

So Zen Magnesium Butter
Rachel B Ibarra-Jones

I have ordered twice and have loved this product. My mom is elderly and doesn't like to take medications but has several aches and pains and this product has been helpful and one that she allows us to use.

Ultimate Bundle

Just started using two weeks ago. So far so good. Not the greatest smell, but not the worse. The deep conditioner is awesome! I need about a month to really give an accurate assessment of the products.

So Zen Magnesium Butter
Gwendolyn Brown

I can feel the difference in the pain in my feet. My only problem it does last last and I afraid the use in the mornings. But to say this I ordered a second bottle

So Zen Magnesium Butter
marceline wade
Wonderful !

This product is fantastic ,it prevents legs cramps at night !

So Zen Magnesium Butter
Meredith Wilson
Not exactly Zen

While it’s OK, I haven’t sensed any major help in my lower legs and ankles. Thought it wouldn’t hurt to, however, get some magnesium. Can you put it on your temples?

So Zen Magnesium Butter
Christine Peterson

I’m having mixed feeling right now, seems to be helping with my leg cramps most of the time, I’m only a week in, will keep with it.


I have restless leg syndrome and trouble sleeping. Exercising has helped with the sleeping and taking magnesium. However, its hard to find the right magnesium to help with the restless leg syndrome. I saw this on Instagram and thought why not try it I have tried everything else. Here's the truth...it works I am not kidding I was really surprised. I put this on the soles of my feet at night and around my next. I have never slept better honestly. The restless leg has diminished. I used to have RL everyday it was awful I was on two types of Rx's that didn't work so I never slept. Now, I sleep a peaceful sleep and good night's rest that I haven't had in a really long time. For me, this is vital to my well-being. I will NEVER go without this product. EVER!! I am ordering more and one for my son. Thank you for making this product it is a lifesaver for me. To be able to go to bed without RL, and to be able to sleep and its a peaceful rest means everything to my well-being. This is a fantastic product, and I am so happy that I saw it on Instagram.

So Zem Magnesium

Absolutely love this product! Ordered 2 on my first purchased. This product( when applied to the bottom) has helped me fall a sleep and have a restful night.. I have also used it for neck and leg pain. Definitely a game-changer! 5+ stars without a doubt

Deep sleep!

I have no issues falling asleep but if I do wake up for whatever reason, I have a hard time getting back to sleep. I used this one night and my ability to fall back asleep after waking up was amazing! The best night’s sleep I’ve had in a very long time because I was able to fall back asleep so easily…

So Zen Magnesium Butter
Margaret Carroll

So many nights waking up in distress, when peace was sitting in a jar just waiting to come to me.


Great for arthritis! 10 stars!

Love it

I use this every night on my feet and neck. Works wonders.

So Zen Magnesium Butter
Tiffany Nicholson

I bought this based on a friend's recommendation. I'm not a good sleeper but when I tell you! I put this on the soles of meet every night and have the best sleep ever. I don't know what it is, but it works for me. I highly recommend it.

Love It

Great product. Restore strength and growth pattern to my natural hair and also, my daughter hair.

My New Obsession

I absolutely love the Leave in Conditioner. I love that it’s light & leaves a tingly freshness to it!

So Zen Magnesium Butter
Suzanne Pender
Am Shock!!

I suffer from anxiety and Migraine, I rubbed a little on the back of my neck, And WOW!! It really worked quickly. Headache gone, and anxiety levels are calmer...I will be purchasing other products as well soon..Thank you

Product is very good

Product is very good