Meet Lil Little

Lil Little was founded by Rachal Prince who is a professional model, actress and entrepreneur.  Rachal is a native of the south side of Chicago.  She attended Columbia College of Chicago and it was here that she discovered her love for fashion.  That love for the fashion industry eventually led her to pursue a professional career in modeling. 

As a woman of color she was met with many challenges in the modeling world but with grace and determination she broke through those barriers and gained much success as a model and an actress.  She has booked national campaigns for brands such as Coca-Cola, McDonalds, BMW, Ebony, Ashro, Verizon, and Chrysler to name a few.   

In 2003 Rachal’s experience in the fashion industry and her love for vintage led her to create the online vintage boutique Quirky Finds.  The company’s mission is to reconnect people with their past through vintage fragrances, handbags, fashion and other vintage vanity accessories. Quirky Finds is one of the world’s leading online stores for vintage, antiques and collectibles.  

As a model, Rachal spent many years perfecting her hair and her natural beauty regimen.  She wore her natural curls years before there was a natural hair movement.  At that time there were no Youtube videos, tutorials or products for natural hair. There was only trial and error.  This led to her mixing up natural ingredients to create her own products. 

As a full time professional model and a successful business owner Rachal's life was pretty full.  However, there was something inside of her that kept whispering to her that she needed to share her hair and beauty products with the world.  

In 2016 she launched the natural hair and beauty company Lil Little. Lil Little’s mission is to create products with a purpose. Products that are free of Parabens, Mineral Oils, Silicones and Petroleum. Products that are made with integrity, good energy and love.  Rachal hopes that through Lil Little, she can help women and young girls embrace the power of their natural beauty.